Back in business, hopefully.

After long hiatus from intensive running it feels I could start again with a bit more focused training.

I haven’t really set any goals ever after my last marathon in May 2015. Mainly because I still have issues with achilles tendon.  I’ve been able to increase weekly mileage now to  40km to 50km for last four weeks without making the pain or functionality of my leg any worse, if not better either.

Yesterday I decided to run to work and then back to home from work.

I think it’s great way to increase mileage time wise basically for free. It took me less than hour to run the 10km route.  I would have spent almost the same time in bus and subway if I would have chosen to use public transit instead of running. Sure there is some amount of preparation which have to be done to make everything go smoothly, but it’s worth the effort.

My original idea was to to take subway back home, but I decided to run instead. When my run to work was light, felt fast and warm, voyage back to home was a bit different. It felt chilly and running against wind was not that much fun, but I made it anyway.

Today I decided to take it easier and went for treadmill run during lunch time. Like said, I was supposed to take it easy, but went a bit too fast considering where I stand with my current workout history.

My leg feels pretty ok, but I can certainly feel that it’s still not normal, although it seems I can run somewhat normally.  I hope I could stop reporting how my achilles feels in the first place, but I’m not there yet.

Now that Polar has integrated Polar Flow with Strava I’ve started to explore the later more closely. It’s actually great fitness website and network with clubs and a bit more social approach than any other fitness websites I’ve tried so far.

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I like especially the goals and challenges Strava offers. As basic thing as setting weekly mileage goal seems to be missing from most of the other social fitness websites.

Since I don’t have courage to put any long term goals for my running, I’m quite happy to go with weekly mileage goals and continue to increase them if it feels like it.

p.s. This website is still Auroran Runner, although is it easy to see that I have moved from Aurora to Toronto almost a year ago.

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